Fire Suppression

Data Centre Fire Suppression

There was a fire! We have lost the site… This is probably the worst kind of call to get at 3 AM. In this technologically booming day and age, one of the most significant risks to a business is the potential loss of data or losing communication capabilities in your data centre. Data is what makes the world go around, for all the amazing capabilities of the equipment installed it was never intended to endure high temperatures or damage caused by contaminants contained in smoke and other chemical results of fire. Equipment may sometimes be replaceable off the shelf, but in many cases, equipment is imported and custom-tailored to the client’s use and may take months to replace if at all possible. Damage done to buildings and equipment are tangible items but the loss of operational capacity in the data centre or losing data may have much more catastrophic revenue implications. While good practice building rules and passive fire protection like firewalls and fire doors may prevent a building from burning down completely, it would be no consolation to have the building standing but the site offline or damaged irreparably, only active protection has any efficacy to stop a fire…

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