This outdoor-ready bullet camera delivers thermal imaging in 336×256 resolution. These cameras are specifically developed to automatically detect skin-surface temperatures. It can support up to six temperature alarm zones which is triggered if the temperature rises beyond a set limit or if it increases too rapidly. FEATURES Temperature Alarm Friendly & Fast Configuration High Accuracy (+/- 0.3˚C) Alarm Per Individual with Fever Image or Video Capture Responding to Alarms Intuitive Mask Design Editor Available on Fixed Portable Set-ups Automatic Activation/Block Access Control Protocols Critical Real-Time Reporting These CCTV cameras can be used in Public Transport Systems, Government Buildings, Industrial Facilities, Office Buildings, Border Control Posts, Hospitals, Airports and Schools.

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Temperature screening solutions have multiple product types and a wide range of applications. These products are designed to detect the temperature of skin-surfaces. This allows for fast and safe preliminary screening in public areas and workplaces with high efficiency. The benefits of these systems include: It is safer as it is a non-contact measurement tool that can measure the skin-surface temperature of an individual or group of people. It quickly measures a person’s skin surface temperature in one second. AI technology ensures the cameras only detect skin-surface temperatures to reduce false alarms. The compensation algorithm ensures the temperature is compensated with ambient temperature and distance of the measured target for better accuracy. It offers flexibility and efficiency in preliminary screening of elevated skin-surface temperatures. Multi-Net Systems provides the following temperature screening solutions: These products can be effectively used in several industries including airports, schools, universities, residences, public transport systems, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, laboratories, etc.

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